About the BKA Discussion Group


The Discussion Group is BKA's forum to discuss topics relating to Korea, Asian-American identity, Adoption and other issues in a casual setting.




The Discussion Group will convene three to four times a year. Locations, dates and times will vary. Stay tuned to the BKA website and Facebook page for details!

Notes and Expectations

While the Discussion Group offers a more casual setting for discussion, we still expect those who attend these forums to note and to abide by the following:

  1. Open Forum. Unless specifically stated, the Group is open to adoptees and non-adoptees alike. While we will not open forums to the public, there are many people who feel more comfortable bringing a friend or loved one with them to these events.
  2. Everyone Chooses Their Own Level of Participation. Come and just listen, come and jump into the conversation or anything in between.  
  3. Be Respectful. We believe that a variety of experiences, voices and opinions, presented respectfully, make for a rich and beneficial dialogue.  Please understand that everyone has a different experience that may differ significantly from yours. Please respect confidentiality within the group and treat others' experiences as you would have others treat yours. These forums benefit most from diverse contributions. We're excited to hear yours (if you choose to share). 
  4. Costs. BKA works really hard to keep the costs of all of its programming low and accessible. Due to the size or venue of some forums, we may ask for a small contribution to help offset the costs of the forum. Discounts may be available to paid BKA members. 

We welcome a multitude of voices and experiences and look forward to hearing yours (if you're willing to share... or just come to listen!)  Each session, we try to provide some sort of topic or set of materials (film, article, etc.) as a jumping-off point for the discussion.

  1. Upcoming:  BKA will hold a planning meeting in February (date TBD, either 2/12, 2/26 or 2/27) to plan out the discussion groups for 2018.  If you would like to participate, please contact bkadoptee@yahoo.com.  There is also an open poll on the Facebook page right now to vote on the best date.

  2. Past:
  • December 2017: Multiracial Identities Within a Family
  • November 2017 - Relationships
  • August 2017: Stereotypes of Adoption
  • June 2017: Anxiety Among Adoptees
  • June 2016: KAD Gatherings and Conferences
  • March 2016: "Searching for Go-Hyang" Film Screening and Discussion

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